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Ammunition Shelters/Explosives Storehouses

American Shelter Technologies, Inc combines the strength of the Wonder Building Arch with international experience in design, engineering, shelter modeling, blast door design and fabrication, and construction services to offer economical shelters that meet the client’s project and budget needs.

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With Clear-Span Shelters ranging from 6 to 280 feet wide (2 to 82 meters), we can design a shelter to cover almost anything.

American Shelter offers

  • Earth Covered Magazines (ECM)
  • Explosives Storehouses (ESH)
  • Missile Storage
  • Rocket Storage
  • Underground Ammunition Storage
  • Blast Buildings
  • Hardened Shelters

FULLY TESTED and RATED to meet 7-BAR CRITERIA—Our Wonder Arches have been successfully tested in explosives trials as both donor and receptor magazines beginning with the US Naval Weapons Center ESKIMO test series in the 1960s. Tests were conducted on full-scale models at 300,000 pounds NEW (136,363 kg NEQ) of HD1.1 explosives. These shelters were rated to meet 7-bar criteria for storage of 500,000 pounds NEW (227,000 kg NEQ) of HD1.1 explosives.

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NATO and US DOD SPECIFICATIONS—AST offers products that meet both the NATO and US DOD Specifications. 

DESIGN and ENGINEERINGAST both in-house and through its partner engineering firms, has the capability to design shelters and other military structures to meet the client’s needs. 

GREATER STRENGTH and SPALL PROTECTION—Our system provides more protection against propagation for higher quantities of explosives with smaller quantity-distances. Unlike lighter gauge, roll-formed panels, Wonder Arch panels will have the benefit of meeting both the NATO and USA DOD requirements of a minimum of 3.2 mm (0.126 inch) steel thickness for spall protection. Additionally, many earth covered shelters can be produced without the expensive addition of concrete which eliminates the problems of spalling and reduces fragmentation dispersal creating a higher rated and more cost-effective shelter requiring less land and construction materials.

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MAXIMUM SAFETY SYSTEMS—Wonder Arch steel liners produces a Faraday Cage. Full shelter designs include anti-spark, fire protection, lightening protection, and security systems to meet the client’s needs. Shelters can be also be designed for NBC protection. The Wonder Arch also provides protection against lobbed explosives, mortar shells and similar armaments.

EXPERIENCE—Wonder Arch Shelter System experience all dates back to the original US shelter designs in the 1960s. As both a NATO and US Department of Defense approved product, Wonder Building Shelters have become a preferred shelter system for many international contractors and militaries. AST partners with firms that have decades of international design and construction experience in protective shelters for NATO contracts, US Military installations and national militaries. 

PROJECT and CONTRACT FLEXIBILITY—AST can offer material supply only, supply and construction, design and supply, design, supply, and build, or complete turnkey projects.

With partner firms, we can offer design and simulation of protective shelters under almost any threat scenario. From simple Sun-Shades to NATO Hardened Aircraft Shelters to Direct Attack Shelters to underground bunkers, AST can provide the client government with a full range of protective shelter that meets their needs. 

Wonder Building
The Wonder Building™ utilizes the strongest shape known in construction - an arch - not only in its silhouette but also in each panel. This means it can support great loads without even one internal support! No trusses, no frames, no support posts, and no purlins - just strong, sheet steel panels.
The Difference
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